Wednesday, March 14, 2012

GAME Plan: Information and Resources needed to implement.

Now that I have put together my GAME plan, I need to figure out what it is going to take to get my GAME plan ready to implement.  My co-workers play a vital role in my success as a teacher.  I have many days where I pick their brain for ideas regarding many different aspects of my class.  They are always willing to help me out and give me ideas.   Teaching technology, which is considered a specials area, I work closely with the art teacher who is right next store.  We sometimes combine ideas to work cross-curricular to give the students more experiences.  Working with other classes, I will create many different mini-projects which will give the students more challenging projects and ones which will help teach them to be more creative and think outside the box. The projects I create will give the students experience in more than one area of technology.  In a school, which is in a low-income very rural area, it is harder to give the students the experiences they are going to see out in the real world.  Slowly I am getting more of those experiences into the classroom.  Most of my students use cell phones and ipods, incorporating those into a project is definitely on my list.

More of my projects will take place in the computer lab.  More and more jobs are becoming involved in the field of technology.  It is crucial that my students get as much experience in technology as possible.  Part of my goal is to introduce them to at least 3 new areas of technology in the first couple weeks.

Besides needing input from my colleagues, computers, the smart board in my classroom, I will be needed materials and supplies for my classroom.  My classroom budget plays a vital role in determining what I can actually do with my students.  I have been lucky so far to not get it cut.  Some supplies I can get donated, some I will bring in from home and others I will buy from the local stores.  I will also have students bring some in for their own use.  Another key aspect that I will introduce them too is recycling.  Reusing the materials for another purpose is a great way to help save money in my classroom.

Making community connections and keeping the community updated on what we are doing in class goes a long way with keeping the program around.  Parts of my projects always include working with the community directly or indirectly.  My students need to learn what valuable resources they have to use. 

To make myself more up to date on what is happening in the field of technology, I attend conferences every year.  This not only benefits myself as a teacher but also benefits my students greatly.  I get introduced to many of the newest technologies that are coming out, get valuable resources to use and gain much knowledge of what other technology teachers are doing in their classrooms.  I will always be gaining new information and building my resources, which will help me teach my students what they need to know to be successful in high school and there lives.


  1. Ben


    I agree with you, students need to be exposed more and more to the new technology. By 7th and 8th grade, I should not have to teach students how to save a word document/PowerPoint on the drive but I teach students who’s most parents have a low-income and many students do not always have access to many types of technology. They have the basic such as cell phones, iPod and use them to communicate and/or to entertain themselves not to educate themselves. I remember, in France, the first time I had a computer I was 14, and I was eager to learn how to use the computer and the different software. With the younger generation, most students have the technology since day one of their life, but do not seem to be self-directed learner for their education.

    Like you, I would like to work with the community. Because of lack of time, I have not look into it. I would like to find a project for my students to work with the community within my content, but teaching French level 1 does not make any easier. In the future, I will have to do some research of what was done before around the United States.

    It is great that you work cross- curriculum. This is another goal I have. I believe, I could be working with Humanities, Arts, and ELA teachers and find common ground with the culture I teach. It makes it so important for students to see that what they learn is interlaced. It would also, help us teachers, to reach more students because we would be using different approaches, visuals, and technology. Finally, it would help reinforcing student’s knowledge on the specific topic in various ways.

  2. Forming professional learning communities can be very helpful. Sometimes
    We have exhausted our ideas and need to hear the ideas of someone else. They may see things from a different prospective and offer a fresh voice and ideas. I too like to work with the other teachers to create lessons with united themes. It helps the lessons to be more authentic. For example, often the students only think of correct grammar when they are completing assignments for English class. When teachers collaborate the students realize they need to apply what they have learned across all content areas. The students love to use technology. Finding a way to incorporate their cell phones, ipods, ipads and other things will be an excellent way to keep them motivated.